Are you in need of therapy & counseling for anxiety or feelings of anxiousness?


I offer stress management sessions to help you conquer your anxiety issues.


"Action is worry's worst enemy" Proverb



Characterized by excessive, unrealistic worry that lasts six months or more; in adults, the anxious feelings may focus on issues such as health, money, or career.  In addition to chronic worry, GAD symptoms include trembling, muscular aches, insomnia, abdominal upsets, dizziness, and irritability.

Panic Disorder

People with panic disorder suffer severe attacks - which can make them feel like they are having a heart attack. Symptoms include heart palpitations, chest pain or discomfort, sweating, trembling, tingling sensations, feeling of choking, fear of dying, fear of losing control, and feelings of unreality. Panic disorder often occurs with agoraphobia, in which people are afraid of having a panic attack in a place from which escape would be difficult, so they avoid these places.



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